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Welcome to my online portfolio!

Here you will get an overview of my work as a teacher, leader, coach, and student. You can download examples of my coursework at MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY that was focused on literacy and leadership in a diverse educational environment; as well as read a series of essays written as a finale to my Masters degree.

Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!



I am currently a Lead Teacher for children aged 2-6 years old at a Montessori School in South Carolina and I absolutely love facilitating Early Childhood learning!


In May 2013, I earned a Masters of Arts in Education Degree (MAED) from Michigan State University. The areas of concentration in my study were Literacy in Education and PK-12 School and Postsecondary Leadership, which have not only enhanced my skills in teaching, leading, and coaching, but have instilled a passion for culturally relevant education.

*Visit my COURSEWORK page for examples of my graduate work.


Visit my IN THE CLASSROOM  page for more information on my  philosophy and pedagogy practices.


***Learn more about my work as an Early Childhood Educator on my  BLOG


Visit my ON THE FIELD page for more details on my coaching experiences and abilities.

Visit my ABOUT ME page for a little more on my passions and hobbies.

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